Collection of Information

We collect non-personal information about you in several ways, including by tracking your activities through the use of cookies or similar technologies. However, we never ask for personally identifiable details, such as names and phone numbers, unless someone submits such data through forms on our site and requests that other required fields (such as an email address) be provided to them. Other times, personal information may appear during browsing sessions where users are explicitly told to submit such information if available, but you always enter things at your own risk.

Information Disclosure

Personal information is never sold or rented to third parties.

Information Usage

We use personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information to understand better customer needs, interests, or preferences for internal marketing purposes. This includes trend analysis and pattern detection data collected through site logs (for example, if you subscribe to our email newsletter). We also use this type of information when we provide shipping orders, but don’t worry! If applicable, we will only send emails about products purchased directly from us rather than those a copy has been issued to someone else without permission first.

We understand that you may not want to receive further emails from us. If this is the case, please specify your preferences by clicking the unsubscribe link in every email we send you, and it will be removed immediately.

You can opt-out of receiving our newsletter or promotional communications by clicking on the link in each message, sending us an email indicating that you no longer wish to receive this information and that we will delete your data.

Third-Party Websites

This policy addresses our activities only from servers. Other sites (including those to which we link within an advertisement, article, etc.) may have their policies that are not under our control and therefore cannot be addressed by this document, which is why this is important to you as a user visiting one of these sites/services (with which Covert Internet Marketing works closely, so you know who I am), please note that if no pop-ups are telling me that Do Not Track is enabled for your session.

Review or Removal of Your Personal Data

We will provide you with a way to review the information on file and change or delete this data. To do so, please notify us by mail at any address above so that changes can be made within thirty (30) days of your access request. Although this may not apply as it is also stored elsewhere

To make changes, please send them directly: our team responds immediately to all problems with personal data, including requests from customers who want to delete their profiles, without exception completely.

If you want some of your information removed from our records, please provide the data as submitted. We will use reasonable efforts to make such corrections or deletions effective for a period after which they are irrevocable unless a court order orders otherwise based on requests from law enforcement under certain circumstances.

Cookie Policy

We may store some information on your computer. This data will be in the form of cookies or similar files, which are small pieces of information stored by websites and not associated with your site’s server (but saved locally). Cookies do not spy or invade privacy; they facilitate navigation.

Cookies are essential to the way we provide information that is targeted and tailored to your interests. They help us better understand how you use our site, which in turn helps us focus on the features of most interest to users like these. If at any time while browsing or buying something online (or both!), You decide not to enable cookies, feel free to decline. Still, certain parts may stop working correctly if this choice has been made, including customer account websites.